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2019: Race for Education

On Wednesday, November 27th, our students will participate in this fun-filled event, which raises funds to directly support, enhance and enrich the school’s curriculum. The Race is the PTO’s only fundraising-specific event of the year and provides us with a solid foundation for the year ahead. 

We are thrilled to announce that this year's Race will support a variety of initiatives at the school that promote social, emotional, and physical well-being. The PTO will continue to fund an outstanding series of enrichment programs.

We are also thrilled to announce that this year's Race will fund raise for important initiatives that support Social-Emotional Well-being, a major goal of the 2019-2020 School Improvement Plan. These are:

  • the purchase of a set of "Big Blue Blocks" from Imagination Playground (STEM blocks that inspire open-ended play) and a Sandbox for the Kindergarten playground to diversify options for open-ended play for some of the youngest members of the Summer Street School Community. These items will support strengthening Cognitive Functions such as Planning and Initiating, as well as providing excellent opportunities to practice and develop Social Skills through Collaborative Play.

  • the purchase of Outdoor Equipment, including snow shoes, for use by children at all levels, as part of a goal to engage in more outdoor play during the winter months, which research indicates contributes to a great sense of social-emotional well-being.

  • the funding of visits for explicit instruction regarding Yoga and Mindfulness practice to each grade-level.

  • the allocation of funds supporting Cultural Diversity programming during the monthly "Great Gatherings" of the Summer Street School student and staff community.

How Can I Help?

Parent Involvement is key to the success of this event!

  • You can help your child identify family, friends and neighbors as potential sponsors.

  • You help the Race Committee prepare the sponsor mailings.

  • Remind your child's selected donors that any little bit is a BIG contribution!

  • You can volunteer on Race day to hand beads to the children as they walk around the school.


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