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2019: Thanks for supporting the Race for Education

Dear Summer Street School Families:

On behalf of the Race for Education Committee and the administration, faculty and staff at Summer Street School, we thank you for your generous support of our biggest fundraiser of the year. Our community working together to provide an outstanding educational environment for our children defines the success of Summer Street School. Last year we raised over $30,000 and we are hoping to do it again this year!

Thanks to you, we are on our way to our goal. We look forward to fully funding the outstanding enrichment programs, the new swings and a variety of initiatives at the school that promote social, emotional, and physical well-being for our children.

Again, thank you for your continued generosity and support.


Lindsay Braley & Annie Walsh, Race Co-Coordinators

Christina Serra, Jessica Incerto & Pam MacDonald, SSS PTO Co-Presidents


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