4th Grade Moving On Ceremony

Tuesday, June 14, 2015

9:00 AM

Field Day is scheduled for Wednesday, June 15th


Please keep in mind, for this event to be a success and run smoothly it takes many volunteers.  There is still an opportunity to participate at many levels. Please click the committees link above to see how you can get involved.

Moving On Committees

We've updated the list and added names of all those who have offered to help.  If we have left you off, we apologize.  Please send us a message and we will gladly add you to the committee of your choice!

Moving On Committee

Current As of 4/1/16



Jacqui Driscoll, Rebecca Drzewiczewski



Krista Kane


Yearbook & Printed Materials

Rebecca Drzewiczewski (Chair), Michael Chambers, Leah Ritche









Deanna McQueen, Laurie Mullin, Liz Wertz


Food & Refreshments (Student Luncheon)

Jill Danese, Liz Wertz, Lori Raffa, Jen Briggs, Bridget Sullivan


Sundae Bar

Jessica & Eric Curran



Rebecca, Drzewicsewski, Jacqui Driscoll, Rose Grabau


Field Day

Krista Kane (Chair) Terri Rosa, Rose Grabau, Annette Pascuccio, Jill Danese,

Gail McCausland, Lori Raffa, Renée Heffron, Kelly Migliero, Donagh Campbell,

Maria Donovan, Jessica Curran

***  Watch for an email in May to sign-up to help on Field Day! ***


Pasta Palooza - 4th Grade Volunteers

Jen Briggs, Jill Danese, Cindi Fallon, Rose Grabau, Jen Goguen, Renée Heffron,

Krista Kane, Darlene Mack, Deanna McQueen, Annette Pascuccio, Kathryn Price, 

Terri Rosa, Heatha Schena, Liz Wertz 


Class Gift

Annemarie Shaffer


Teacher Breakfast

Jen Goguen (Co-chair), Jessica Mihalchik (Co-chair)

Gail McCausland, Jill Danese, Liz Wertz, Bridget Sullivan, Sharla Sieve


Jacqui Driscoll (Chair), Annemarie Shaffer, Renée Heffron, Maria Donovan


Kelly Migliero, Michael Chambers, Leah Ritchie


Volunteers Needed

& Prizes Needed


 • Emoji Items (balls, bracelets, tattoos, etc.)


•  Individually wrapped Candy  •


 • Individually wrapped Snacks •


•  Waters  •  Juice Boxes  •  Ice  •



with any questions

to see who is signed up and what positions are available.



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